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Pistol and Rifle ammunition is becoming scarce, and great deals are even harder to find. Buy our ammo online to stock up and save on top-quality ammunition that you can trust. These brand new, NATO spec rounds deliver performance, accuracy, and affordability that you won’t find anywhere else.

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To keep your bulk gun ammunition safe from moisture and humidity, store the rounds in an air-conditioned, dark, dry space. Maintaining a constant temperature in a dry location will allow you to reduce humidity, which is the biggest bullet-killer out there. By taking a few precautions, you can ensure that your bulk ammo stays fresh.

Sealed airtight ammunition cans or cases are the best places to store boxes of ammo, as long as you have sufficient means of locking the container or the room it's stored in.

If you live in a very humid area, consider equipping your armory or room where ammo is stored with a dehumidifier to prevent deterioration. Securing rifle and pistol ammo is important, especially if there are children in the home. If your gun ammunition can be accessed by others, consider purchasing a safe to lock up your ammo. Fire-resistant safes will ensure that your ammunition is safe from intrusion and disaster, coming in various security levels and sizes to make securing ammo simple.

Another factor to consider is limiting access to your bulk ammo. Children, Guests, and any non-essential hands should have revoked access to your ammunition. The best way to approach this is to purchase a floor safe that has plenty of room for your ammo or find a closet/space in your home to keep locked and dedicated to firearm storage. Keep in mind that there is far less protection provided by a locked room compared to a floor safe.

Ammunition does degrade over time, but properly cared for ammunition will take decades to deteriorate. Ammo can last years or a lifetime, depending on the environment that it is kept. Producing the optimal climate consistently will drastically improve the lifespan of your gun ammunition. Keeping your pistol and rifle bullets indoors, where you can constantly maintain a cool, dry, and dark environment will reduce humidity, which will elongate their effectiveness. Shotgun shells should be kept the same way to extend the life of your live inventory.

If your handgun, rifle, or shotgun ammo sounds weak or you encounter a misfire with a round, stop shooting and unload (assuming you are not in danger). All rounds should be meticulously examined for warping or any other signs of deterioration to prevent harm to the user/firearm. Once rounds are damaged, they will need to be properly disposed of.

Yes, bullets and shotgun shells can be kept in your safe along with your guns. For best results, utilize a dehumidifier and/or desiccant packets in your gun safe to extract any lingering humidity, especially if you are in a part of the country with high moisture levels.

Check your local laws to ensure that you are following any guidelines set for ammunition storage and avoid upsetting local law enforcement. Your right to bear arms may not be extended as fully in your area, so do your research before purchasing and storing rifles, handguns, shotguns, or ammunition.

If pistol and rifle ammunition is properly stored in a dry, air-conditioned location, your rounds can last a lifetime. While there is a shelf life on ammunition, you probably won’t see it if your ammo is kept dry and cool, making storage highly important. It's best practice to do some plinking (shooting) at the range every once in a while to cycle out your old bullets, which also gives you an excuse to shoot (and purchase more).

It's much easier to stock ammunition when you know it will last, so ensure that your rounds are ready for home defense, hunting, or some quality range time by following storage advice. Good ammo is getting harder to find and ammo prices are not falling in the near future, so don't let it go to waste.

Yes, ammunition can potentially affect your accuracy. No matter how perfect your shot is, inferior ammunition can kill your long-range accuracy. Over distance, rounds will travel at SHOP AMMO ONLINE different velocities depending on their weight and design, so not every bullet will perform the same. Cheap ammo has inconsistent velocities and sometimes defects in the projectile, these will make your ammunition accuracy inconsistent. Many people are willing to sacrifice a bit of accuracy for cheaper ammo prices, but that mentality should stay on the range and not be applied to hunting or defense.

Gun owners should be wary of inferior rounds, as they may not do exactly what you need them to. Guns and their users may be damaged from poor round quality, as the risk of a misfire is heightened and wear is dramatically increased. Make a wise purchase and go with a brand that you can trust when purchasing ammo.

Consistency is make or break when it comes to ammo for rifles and pistols. If rounds are not balanced properly or fire inconsistently, shooting accurately will be near impossible. Very good ammo will be resilient, effective, and meticulously checked for any variation, ensuring a consistent standard of quality. Typically, a review of your ammunition online will tell you a quick overview of the quality and preferred use of the rounds in question.

Whether you are trying to purchase ammo for personal defense, plinking at the range, or putting dinner on the table, your shot should start with quality manufacturing. For the best ammo prices, a wide selection, and fast shipping on popular brands, purchase ammo at Project War Path. Quality goes past the accuracy of a shot, and a decent amount of the ammo found at the "best prices" lack proper quality control. This can lead to damage or injury of guns and their owners, so investigate ammo brands before worrying too much about the cost.

Higher grain bullets generate more momentum, meaning they will penetrate further upon impact. This can be of benefit to hunters and individuals who carry for defense since the added penetration often translates to stopping power. Others prefer lower grain ammo for the accuracy produced. Because lighter bullets tend to have a straighter trajectory, they may be more accurate, making them a preference for target shooting or small-game hunting. After you purchase a new rifle or handgun, it's best to research the ideal ammo for your intended purpose. From there, you can refine your preferences and find the best ammo for your guns.

124 grain is the preferred weight for many 9mm self-defense users. Because of the added weight, bullets tend to penetrate the target more efficiently and generate more stopping force. While this doesn’t matter in regards to range, especially in a close-up self-defense scenario, an extra bit of stopping power may save you in a life-or-death situation. Depending on the firearm, a bit of extra force could help you sufficiently subdue your attacker without increasing your caliber size. A higher grain may also improve the cycling of your firearm, which could be a crucial benefit if you are ever in a dire predicament.

Another popular method of increasing your stopping power is to carry hollow point rounds in your handgun instead of a full metal jacket and other range-type ammo. A hollow-point bullet will expand on impact, increasing the damaged area and providing additional stopping power from the same caliber.

When you buy ammo online with Project War Path, you receive premium ammo from popular brands like PMC, Federal, Fiocchi, Etc., so you are covered for every purpose, from home defense to hunting. Customers love purchasing ammo online versus scrounging through stores to try finding ammo for the most popular calibers, which always seem to be sold out. If you are looking to increase your stock of ammunition, buy ammo online and choose from a wide variety of quality rounds. Explore our website for the top ammo brands and enhanced gun parts at great prices.

At PWP, we ship our high-quality ammo throughout the continental United States using FedEx, excluding areas with laws against shipping ammunition. In these areas, you may need to order through a shop that holds a Federal Firearm's License (FFL). All of our ammunition is considered hazardous and will be shipped standard ground service only. When you place an order for 9mm 115 grain FMJ, we will estimate shipping based on weight and size, delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items, and the shipping options you choose. Your ammo will ship the next business day when ordered Monday through Thursday if they are in stock. If your ammo is ordered late on Friday we may send the order out on the following workday. If you are pre-ordering our high-quality ammunition, check the product page for updated ship dates. For more questions on Project War Paths products or policies, contact us here.

Returns Policy All sales are final, no returns, no exceptions.

Online ammo sales are permitted in most states, but due to local regulations, some citizens cannot shop for ammo online, due to their local laws. Restricted sales apply to customers in the following states:

  • Alaska (Due to Department of Transportation Regulations)
  • Hawaii (Due to Department of Transportation Regulations)
  • California - Must ship to a local FFL (transfer fees may apply)
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois - Consumer must provide a copy of their F.O.I.D (Firearm Owner's Identification) card and ID to show they are over 21.
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey - Can ship to consumers as long as they provide a copy of their FID (Firearms Identification Card)
  • New York - May not ship to certain counties (NYC specifically)
  • Washington, D.C.
  • APO/FPO Addresses
  • PO Boxes

Please contact our team for more information regarding ammunition shipping in your area.

If your state (or significant other) won’t let you order our premium online ammo, here are some other options. We have an exclusive line of gear, components, and patriotic apparel to soften the blow.

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